Can you giftwrap that too?

Dorothy_Confused This weekend was all about trying to finish the interior texturing as much as possible by this week which was semi successful as the inside was done but the outside still needs tweaks. Also put some rough lights in and the characters in the scene for the first time which threw up a whole new set of issues which are pretty clear in the pictures (the noise from Arnold being one of the main issues). daisy and dorothyOutside morning shot Left: Daisy isn’t a deity so I should probably fix the heavenly glowing hands… Right: A potential mock up of an early morning scene with the sun light poking through a building opposite. Below: The whole shop looking a little empty but at least it’s looking blue? render with light 3 Texture progress tileable floor2 Floor UV out (whole thing) texture Felt more proud then I probably should’ve when I finally realised how to make a tileable texture, and it’s so satisfying when the corners and shading match up perfectly! The left panel is the single texture and the right image is the floor of the shop with a little bit of white added where it’s been worn down. teapot 3 Just a small sketch of a potential teacup texture.

Can you giftwrap that too?

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